What is a Fascial Stretching session like?

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is assisted stretching performed on a specially designed treatment table equipped with comfortable padded straps that stabilize the parts of the body not being worked on.  It can be performed exclusively or in combination with a massage treatment. Unlike traditional stretching, FST™ incorporates multiple angles and planes of movement that follow the “grain” of your fascia.  More importantly, FST™ focuses on decompressing your joints to affect profoundly positive changes in your body.  

How Much Does a Session Cost?

The sessions range from $95-$135 for one hour depending on the therapist.

What is a Functional Movement Screen?

All new clients are put through a Functional Movement Screen to assess your body and the way you move to test for any instabilities, weaknesses, or tightness.  This will give us a baseline to monitor your progress, and allow us to create your personalized recovery program that will be customized to you and your goals.

What Should I Do After a Session?

Be sure to drink plenty of water after your session. Drinking plenty of water post-massage is very helpful in re-hydration, building healthy muscle tissue, and removing metabolic wastes that accumulate as your muscles are worked out.  Take the rest of the day off from physical activity – you’ve earned it! 

What Should I Wear To a Session?

Please wear comfortable and flexible clothing, such as workout attire.