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Rosemarie Calas (LMT, CFSS, CKTP)

Rose is a Maryland Board Certified and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. Her interests have always been centered on integrative healthcare and sports & fitness and she made a career decision to expand her knowledge by completing a certificate of Massage Therapy in Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy from The Central Maryland School of Massage in Frederick, MD.

Rose began her career in April 2007 as a Sports Soft Tissue Therapist and is looking forward to continuously develop and expand her knowledge in an area for which she has a genuine passion. She is trained in a variety of modalities and techniques but specifically specializes in the normalization of soft tissue techniques through Sports Soft Tissue Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Contemporary Cupping Therapy and the Kinesio Taping Method. For the past three years, she has been working with elite and professional athletes of various sports including the MLB, NFL and Ironman Triathletes. Through her integrative bodywork, Rose achieves to increase range of motion and athletic performance, decrease muscle tension and stress and put your body in its most optimal place for healing. Through the effectiveness of touch and the variety of techniques used, Rose aspires to facilitate the healing process by balancing the mind and body to encourage a positive change.

Whether it’s soft tissue therapy or fascial stretching therapy, Rose tailors every session to the specific needs and goals of each individual. Her skills as a therapist lies in her intuitive ability to focus much needed attention on problem areas with a style of deep therapeutic work that gets to the root of chronic pain with highly effective healing results.


Martina Juarez (RPM, CFST, FMS, CE, AR, KTP)

First and foremost, I am a healer.  Through the practice of Reiki, I  am able to identify and remove certain ailments. My entire life has prepared me to heal the body, mind and spirit.  I am gentle and nurturing with clients, aware of their needs and goals and assertive in practice.  I have taken care of children, the elderly and all ages in between.  Through practicing various massage and healing modalities, I have learned what it takes to build a base of clients who frequently become more like family. I often begin my first meeting with a client by taking them through a functional movement screen (an important industry certification). I use the client’s movement in the initial screening to identify imbalances and areas which may need more attention than others. I have many different techniques involving deep tissue, sports massage and kinesio tape method. This comes from over a decade of continent-wide networking and focused industry education. The goal is being able to efficiently bring the client improvement in their problem areas. I also utilize advanced fascial stretch therapy, which is a cutting edge, results-oriented assisted stretching program. Fascial stretch therapy is relatively new to the east coast, but is spreading and considered a must in the field of body work. Invariably, pain subsides and performance improves. After sessions of bodywork (and sometimes before) I assign movements specific to clients’ body types and whatever issues were identified in the movement screening or on the field of competition. This allows the client to begin taking control of their life: saying “yes” to recovery and performance and “no” to complacency and pain.. Working with athletes from high school to recreational to elite professional levels has consistently shown how my skill set directly impacts performance and recovery. I also work with fortune 500 corporations to assist in the recovery of their employees. The knowledge that we are always changing is ever present in my pursuit of continuing excellence in education and in the application thereof. I am always growing alongside my clients. I model positive, professional behaviors in the field bodywork which those around me tend to absorb. Volunteering in the community keeps me humble and reminds me that we can provide respect and dignity to those who are lacking and that nobody is too far gone.

Alison Mecler (RMP, CFST, FMT)

Alison is a registered massage practioner licensed in the state of Maryland who comes from a long line of healers. Since she was very young, the human body has always been fascinating to her. She is actively participating in several continuing education courses to offer more modalities for her clients. She believes in the body’s own ability to heal and is very interested in the use of holistic and natural therapies whenever possible, especially when it pertains to chronic pain. Alison is a local Frederick resident and loves working and interacting with people.

Marissa Johnson (LMT, CFST, FMT)